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Therapeutic Services

What You Can Expect

Welcome to Blue Skyy Therapeutic Services! Congratulations on taking your first step to optimal mental health! Therapy is an amazing tool to help you in all stages of life. From an everyday practical stance, therapy can help you process your thoughts and feelings, cope with the stresses of life, create healthy boundaries, break bad habits, make positive changes and ultimately learn to create healthy thought patterns. Which will lead to healthier functioning overall.  
Therapy can also be specific to helping you to heal from past traumas, process grief, address identity concerns, deal with addictions, learn to better communicate in relationships, deal with complicated relationships and family matters, among other things.
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Individual Therapy

Are there things you want to express, but you feel like you can't without being judged? Or maybe you are trying to communicate your thoughts and feelings, but you don't feel as if you're truly being felt or heard? 
If so, Individual therapy is the perfect solution for you! you will be provided a safe space with a non-judgmental and compassionate Therapist who will simply allow you to be YOU!
Even more, your Therapist's goal is to help you become the absolute best version of you! Helping you to process and better understand your thoughts, feelings, and pattern of behaviors - giving you the power to control you!
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